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Stephen Dharn'l - The Artist

OK so, first things first. my name is Dharn’l, pronounced "Darnell" not Da-har-null. Yes I know the spelling is a little different and just strange to some but, what do you expect, I am an "Ar-teest’. Besides normal is boring, simple, expected, and my artwork is none of those things. Although my work may seem simple to some, it’s very complex.  All of my creations are textured. They are two-dimensional, in other words, you can feel them. My goal is to give you something that you can feel, in the natural and deep down in your soul. A conversation piece, something that will show your eye for fine art.


I’m a self-taught artist. I’ve had no formal training nor have I taken any art development /introductory to art classes, outside of those in elementary and middle school. Do they still even offer art classes in school? All of my creations come from inspiration. I just see it in my mind and put it on canvas or I’ll see an image of something and add my twist to it. All of my artworks are original pieces. I've only made a limited number of prints; the texture doesn’t transfer well to print. I can recreate something but, of course, it will never look the same. Besides, I like the idea of you having the only piece like that in the world. Imagine the value of Your artwork when I’m forced to go to print because of product demands. If I were you, I’d go ahead and get while the getting is good. I’m just saying.

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M'ajehs - The Company

My company's name is M'ajehs, pronounced "images". We feature a variety of options for your creative needs and desires. You can purchase a piece of original artwork, host a Home Show, Paint Party, or a Virtual Paint Party the possibilities are endless. Just Click  “M'ajehs to Go”  for more details.


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