Hosted Art Show

we bring the art to you

Host Responsibilities

  •   Select a date and time from the availability calendar. 

  •   Select the location (Home or another location with the            owner's permission)

  •   Invite the guest to  the event.  A minimum of 8 guests              are required to host an event.

  •   Set the atmosphere - food, drinks, music etc.

  •   Make room for the artwork to be setup.                                

  •   (prior to the event, we will  survey the space to  discuss presentation options                   and artwork selections).


What We Provide

  •   Evite announcements (3 - 5   templates ) -   FREE  

  •   Invitation Cards - 25 free / additional cards – 25 for $10 

  •   “One Page ” link detailing your event and a link to RSVP


 Host Incentives  

  •   The host will receive 20% of the total sales which will be          applied to the purchase of the  artwork of their choosing.  

  •   For any attendees that signs up to host an event , you will        receive 5% of the total sales of the attendee’s hosted event      in cash.     

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